Event Date Changed!

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Join the third edition of the Magoeba Trek. Limpopo's 3-day mountain bike stage race! #itsmountainbiking

17, 18, 19 September 2021, Entries now open!

2021 - Event Date Changed

Dear Magoeba Trek mountain bikers,

We have sweated over the possibilities, looked at all the options and conferred at length with our many race partners, host venue at Stanford lake College, service providers and landowners. And here it is:  We’ve come to the unavoidable conclusion that the best way forward for all concerned is to postpone Magoeba Trek to 17, 18 & 19 September 2021.

We believe, hope and pray that an extra month will give us all the time needed for the Covid-19 third wave to dissipate. This will then hopefully allow us to have larger groups at our outdoor venue and make the Covid protocols easier to manage – which ultimately will make the event safer and more enjoyable for everyone.

The good news

You have another month to train, climb those hills and hone your single track skills! And the weather is going to be just perfect. September is spring time on the mountain, and that means glorious days, cool nights and fresh blossoms everywhere.

It also means that we’re going to roll two events into one, as the Insect Science Mountain Bike Classic is already scheduled for 18 September. This is a Limpopo Marathon MTB Qualifying event and it will now be run as part of the Saturday Magoeba Trek – for both the 40km and 70km routes. There will also be a 20km route available on the day. Look out for more information on this – and in the meantime, tell your friends and family who aren’t ready for a stage race that now there’s an option for them at the same time too.

Making it work for you

It has been difficult to find a new date and we understand that it will not suit many of you, but please bear with us – we’d love to help you make it work.


We know many of you have made arrangements and booked accommodation for the August dates, that you may not be able to move. In that case, we hope you will still come to the area and support the tourism industry that has been devastated by Covid. Let us know, and we will gladly organise some great local training rides for that weekend.


Entries will now close on the 1st of September or when we are sold out in order to allow for a final chance to fill the last few entry slots, and any changes to be made and confirmed.

We also fully understand that some of you will not be able to make the new dates. Please contact us ASAP if for any reason you can’t make it and want to transfer your entry (at a fee of 50% of your entry fee) to 2022. If you have a friend who wants to take over your entry, please contact us and we will gladly assist with these arrangements.

The mountains are calling

It’s a tough time out there – but at Magoeba Trek we’re a tough bunch with loads of grit and the will to survive anything. The race is going to be SO well worth the wait, you won’t be sorry!

We know you are training hard and eager to ride, so please keep going for one more month. We cannot wait to see you all and to host a spectacular event.

Magoeba Trek

Date  17, 18, 19 September 2021

Stanford Lake College, Magoebaskloof, Limpopo

The Race (+/- 70km daily)

+/- 1500m of elevation gain/day

The Trail (+/- 40km daily)

+/- 800m of elevation gain/day

2021 - E-Bike category

Organisers of the Organisers of the Magoeba Trek have opened the 40km per day Trail to E-bike riders with the introduction of a new category for the 3-day mountain bike event.

E-Bike racers will start in their own batch in order not to affect the other categories . The E-Bike category is open to anybody. E-bikes, which will be clearly marked on (Ebike) results sheets, will be timed and included in results in their category but won’t be eligible for category prizes.

The inclusion of the category comes with a few rules. E-bike riders will not be part of the racing section of the event and may not influence the outcome of any category in the normal mountain bike section. E-bike riders should be considerate and give way to normal mountain bikers.

They will not be allowed to disrupt the flow of normal racing on single track sections (whether uphill or downhill) and those racing in the normal category will not be allowed to draft behind an e-bike on flat roads.

Using the same trails as the trail, the E-Bike event will be an action packed affair. The separate start time is crucial and will ensure very little or no influence on the other categories at the event.

2019 Race highlights

Limpopo’s premier mountain bike stage race is back, bigger and better!
With the perfect mix of adrenalin, challenging terrain and sheer enjoyment, the Magoeba Trek is an unmissable race experience, exposing cyclists to some of the best mountain biking in the country.
Rise to the challenge!

Magoebaskloof and its village, Haenertsburg, have become a popular tourist destination due to the stunning scenery, quaint village, outdoor recreation and proximity to Gauteng. The area is also becoming known as an adventure sport destination. Events like the Ebenezer Mile, the Wolkberg Stage Trail Run, the Iron Crown Trail Run, The Wik Triathlon and the single day Magoebaskloof Mountain Bike Classic are growing every year.

The race format consists of 3 stages over 3 days, in a clover leaf layout starting and ending each day at Stanford Lake College. Riders can choose from the 70km per day “Race” or the 40km per day “Trail”.

Along the way, you are guaranteed to enjoy an unrivalled combination of varying terrain, breath-taking views, deep cool forests, pristine grasslands, gurgling streams and lots of single track. Each day will bring its share of challenging climbs and awesome descents. Food and tented accommodation will be provided in the race village.

Make no mistake, this is not sheer manicured, hard-packed bliss. For three days, your muscles will burn, your breath will come in gasps and your skills will be put to the test. But you can also be certain that at the end of each day you will know you’ve achieved something special; ridden some of the best trails in the country through the majestic Wolkberg mountains and Magoebaskloof rainforests; and been part of a completely unique and outstanding experience.

You will be proud to say you’ve completed the Magoeba Trek, and we know you will be back!

With an average of 29,4 metres of ascent per km in three days, the Race is tough – but conquer it and you’ll never see a mountain the same way!
The 40km Trail offers a slightly gentler challenge; but a challenge it still is. With more than 900 metres of ascent each day, riders will still take in the immense beauty of the Magoebaskloof and be extremely proud of their achievement.

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