Organisers of the Magoeba Trek have opened both the Race and the Trail  to E-bike riders with the introduction of a new category for the 3-day mountain bike event. 

E-Bike racers will start in their own batch in order not to affect the other categories . The E-Bike category is open to anybody. E-bikes, which will be clearly marked on (Ebike) results sheets, will be timed and included in results in their category but won’t be eligible for category prizes.

The inclusion of the category comes with a few rules. E-bike riders will not be part of the racing section of the event and may not influence the outcome of any category in the normal mountain bike section. E-bike riders should be considerate and give way to normal mountain bikers.

They will not be allowed to disrupt the flow of normal racing on single track sections (whether uphill or downhill) and those racing in the normal category will not be allowed to draft behind an e-bike on flat roads.
Using the same trails, the E-Bike event will be an action packed affair. The separate start time is crucial and will ensure very little or no influence on the other categories at the event.

Please also note that if a team of 2 has an E-bike and a normal bike the team must still enter as an e-bike team. 

Single Day event
August 24th 2024

2024 sees a single day event with 4 MTB distances available along with 3 trail running options.